ASR - Average Success Rate, LCR - Least Count Routing, ACD - Average Call Duration -

Platinum Termination

Nepal Mobile Spice CLI 0.0895
Bangladesh CLI 0.0120
Pakistan Mobile CLI 0.0350

Gold Termination

Silver Termination

Why Trulynx

For Customers:

  • Flexible payment terms including weekly postpay (reference check required), Prepay via Paypal or Wire Transfer, Escrow via Vertecto.
  • Upto 4 service levels available each with a distinct prefix (preferably separate IP for each service level on the customer side)
  • Free testing
  • 24x7 support

For Vendors:

  • Flexible payment terms including daily postpay, weekly postpay, Prepay via Paypal or Wire Transfer, Escrow via Vertecto.
  • Quick interconnect
  • Instant Traffic in most cases
  • 24x7 support

Welcome Message

TruLynx brings together 40 man-years of telecom experience from the industry, taking advantage of each and every person's skills. Since its inception, the focus of TruLynx has been the fast evolving VoIP technology. This focus has been expanded to include both domestic and international networks. Through our extensive experience, contacts and vendor relationships, we are positioned to take maximum advantage of the emerging opportunities in this fast-growing market. TruLynx management has 24+ years of experience in wholesale International Long Distance Voice. We offer four service levels to customers - Platinum CLI, Gold, Silver and Green routing. Each service level is configured with a distinct prefix giving the customer full control of the quality and price of each call terminated on Trulynx platform.

Become a Reseller

  • Recurring residual income
  • Low investment
  • Dedicated switch (for qualified reseller)
  • Free website
  • 4 service levels