CLI Routes, Non CLI Routes -

 Why Choose Us

  • 4 service levels available
  • Aggressive rates with focus on high quality
  • Free $5 test account - no credit card required
  • No minimum payment or usage required
  • Get tested and started the same day
  • 24/7/365 network operations and support
We offer 4 Service levels giving you the control on quality & cost for each call you terminate in trulynx. Each Service requires a distinct prefix. The billing for all service levels is inteprated into one invoice for your convienience.

Platinum - Cli

  • Premium quality with Cli
  • Ideally suited for customers/carriers with features like CLI, DTMF
  • Competitive rates
  • A to Z available



  • Retail Quality
  • Aggressive rates
  • deal for callshops, calling card customers where CLI is not the criteria.
  • A to Z available



  • Wholesale routes
  • Failover available in most of the routes
  • Suitable for customers who need very aggressive rates with average quality
  • A to Z available



  • Aggressive deals for specific terminations
  • This is not A to Z